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• Kusursuz ozon siperi, ısı direnci ve polar materyallere karşı direnç.
• Fazlasıyla genişletilebilir, düşük çekim özelliği.
• Kusursuz elektriksel özellikler.

Grade Mooney
Viscosity (ML1+4)
Characteristics Application
100℃ 125℃ 150℃
S501A 46 (30)   53 4.1   Low Mooney and ENB type, Excellent mill processibility
and good flow properties, Suitable for molding complicated shape and extrusion.
Molding products, Complicated products, Gasket, Electric parts.
S505A 45 (29)   55 9.4   Low Mooney and high ENB type. Good mill
processibility. Blend with diene type rubber. Mold flow
is superb and cure rate.
Autoautomotive tire, Sponge products, Rubber coated fabrics. Automotive parts.
S537-3   35   57 2.3   Excellent heat aging properties, Blend with IIR Tire inner tube, Mechanical goods.
S512F   63   69 4.5   High ethylene and high green strength of uncured grade.
Outstanding physical properties and processibility, as the friable bale , short mixing time and good energy saving
Hose, Window gasket,
Various extrusion products.
S5890F   (87) 64 68 5.5   Friable bale, Excellent high loading and well balanced
physical properties and processibility
Weather strip solid,
Radiator Hose, Mold. Auto parts.
S552   84   58 4.1   Excellent extrusion processability and physical properties,
Better flexibility at low temperature.
Hose, General industrial goods.
S553   (98) 72 62 4.5   Non-oil extended grade with very high Mooney viscosity.
Excellent extrusion processability and physical properties with high loading of filler. Good flexibility under low temperature.
Window seals, Automotive exterior parts,
Roofing sheet.
S5206F   (84) 61 60 8.5   High molecular weight and High ENB content grade.
Good shape retention and low compression set.
Automotive sponge, Heat insulation sponge, Weather seal sponge. Bicycle tire.
S5527F   (109) 81 60 8.5   Friable bale type, High molecular weight and High ENB content grade. Good shape retention and low compression set. Automotive sponge, Trunk seal, Heat insulation sponge, Wheather seal sponge.
S7456   (90) 66 60 10.5 20 Low ethylene content, High dience content and high Mooney viscosity grade. Extended 20 phr paraffinic oil. High loading grade at sponge. Automotive window sealing, Soft type sponge.
S6090WF   53   70 5.7 50 High ethylene and High molecular weight. Control low
hardness blend with other grades. Good processibility and physical properties.
Mold, Gasket, automobile and industrial goods. Electric appliances.
S600WF 61 (41)   72 4.0 100 Oil extended Friable bale. It can be formulated to make
products of low hardness. It is possible to load high concentration of filler.
Bicycle tire, auto parts. Hose,
various industrial parts. Electric appliances, TPV.

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